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So if you were able to obtain the very and precise DNA of Jesus, what would you do? 

Would you clone this genetic material and create the Son of God to live on the earth today? 

Would it be the Lord Jesus, full of miracles, goodness, mercy and life? 

Who on earth would want to use this material for their own gains and ideas?

These are the ideas this series of books tries to answer. 

The books look at and examines religion, power, ideas, evil, goodness, what is right, and can right lead to wrong.

Characters develop and change with their levels of power and knowledge.

Time moves along and the clones grow and exert their influence.

Who really is in control?

Who has the knowledge and power of information to influence what is happening?

And does this eventually lead to Armageddon and the ultimate power struggle between good and evil, God and Satan?

The series reveals much as the pages turn.

Thank you for experiencing all of this with us.  We appreciate you, your comments, suggestions, questions and answers.

Stefan and Jerry






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